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          in silico

Computational chemistry on demand.

Use predictive techniques to guide, explain and give insights into your scientific discoveries.

Empowering Discovery

A key value at insight in silico is empowering our clients further their research. We have in the past identified new leads for novel protein targets. Conducted large scale virtual high throughput screening campaigns, computational analysis on organic synthesis routes, and extensive work on peptide modelling.


Support your project with computational chemistry to guide your research focus and assist with reducing time and resources wasted.


  • Designing molecular libraries
  • Lead optimisation
  • Novel molecular scaffolds
  • Computational Calculations


Computational methods can be used to help identify reasons for altered activity between compounds. Understanding the cause and effect of these changes can lead to better outcomes.


  • Structure activiy relationship
  • Receptor-ligand interaction
  • Molecular Dynamic Simulations


Leverage methods to explore the novel, from homology modelling to peptide modelling. We can assist you with taking the next step.


  • Virtual high throughput screen
  • Peptide modelling
  • Homology modelling
  • Peptide – membrane interactions

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